Animal Welfare League


Our Top Services

The Animal Welfare League is a full-service facility dedicated to bettering the lives of the animals who come through our doors, in accordance with our mission. Among the variety of services we offer, these four are the foundation on which AWL and its mission are based:


The heart and soul of our work here at the Animal Welfare League is placing animals in forever homes with those who will care for them with the love and devotion they deserve. We maintain a stringent vetting process for adoption to ensure that each animal has the best opportunity for a happy life once it leaves our care. All breeds and all ages are available! (Note: Adoptions available at Chicago Ridge location only.)

Stray Intake

We accept stray and abandoned animals whenever possible. We evaluate and care for each and every animal and attempt to reunite it or find it a proper and loving home environment.


The Animal Welfare League runs a low-cost clinic that is open to the public, offering a broad variety of services to care for your pets as well as for the animals in our own care. Services include general exams, vaccinations, spaying/neutering, X-rays, AVID microchipping, dental cleanings and more.

Special Needs Animals

At the Animal Welfare League, we go the extra mile for animals requiring extra care with our Special Needs Animals program, enabling the less fortunate animals in our care to live the fullest life they can.

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