Special Needs Animals

At the Animal Welfare League, we do everything we can to ensure that ALL of the animals in our care have the best chance to live their best lives. For some animals who come through our door, that requires special and focused care. These are our special needs animals — the ones who arrive impaired — with dire infections, with broken or injured limbs, or with debilitating illnesses or conditions — and who need urgent medical care. We eagerly provide the care to the best of our ability, but as AWL must rely on the generosity of those who care for animals as much as we do, we need YOUR help to continue to assist the special needs animals at AWL. 

Your donation for Special Needs Animals will go toward the care of dogs, cats or other animals who might require an amputation, pins to be inserted, or other complex surgery, prostheses or wheelchairs to assist with walking, or medicine to regulate chronic pain or other condition.

The goal is to rehabilitate each animal to the best of its ability and, eventually, to find it a forever home. But it’s a long journey for some of these animals, and without your help, we can’t get as many of them back on their feet as we would like. Please consider helping a Special Needs Animal today!