The helping hands of an Animal Welfare League volunteer touches the lives of many individuals and animals. The diversity of jobs volunteers can do coupled with self enrichment and social rewards makes our volunteers some of the most dedicated individuals in Chicagoland.

As an Animal Welfare League volunteer, you can contribute to the community and ensure the quality of life for yourself and animals in the community. You can enhance skills you already have or develop new ones; but perhaps the greatest benefit of volunteering at Animal Welfare League is knowing that you are a part of a team providing care to so many animals in need. You will soon come to realize just how valuable you are to the animals and to the Animal Welfare League team.

Rewarding Experiences

At Animal Welfare League, new volunteers receive the same type of orientation and training as new associates do. The orientation and training session will give you a thorough knowledge of Animal Welfare League services.

All volunteers must attend an orientation prior to volunteering. These orientations are generally scheduled two times a week.

Volunteers are able to volunteer their time anytime that we are open for adoption. No Weekend hours.  Extended hours are only available when approved. 

Volunteer Applications

For those over fifteen years and up looking to make a difference and volunteer, please download, print and complete “Volunteer Application for 15 and up. Once we receive your application, our volunteer services manager will contact you to schedule an orientation.  After you have completed orientation and training, volunteers are able to work during adoption only hours.

Community Service for Service Learning (School, Church, Scout or other)

The Animal Welfare League welcomes our younger animal lovers to complete their community service hours at our shelter.  For those fifteen and older, needing service learning/community service hours , please download, print and complete “Volunteer Application – Service Learning” Once we receive your application, our humane education  coordinator will contact you to schedule an orientation. Photo ID is required.

For those Fifteen and older, looking to volunteer to earn charitable service hours (such as for school, church, etc), please download: